Snippet: Clary’s Wonderland ~ The Demon from Within

I opened my eyes and closed them again, praying that I truly wasn’t seeing what was there at the foot of my bed. It wasn’t possible. There couldn’t have been a way that he would be standing at the foot of my bed. I was dreaming. I am dreaming.

“Hiya toots.” His sharp voice made me jump up and scrambled to get out of bed. I ran for the door but he grabbed me midway, turned, and shoved my back into the wall. “You’re probably wondering how this is all possible. Well, I decided that playing in your brain wasn’t as exciting as the good ole’ days. Making an appearance was going to be better torture for you.”

“What do you want?” I asked him, trying to hold back the fear. I felt his hand run down my side, his right shoulder pinning me to the wall.

“Everything. I want you to know what things will be like if you keep me around.”
“I don’t want you around.”

“Yes, you do. If you didn’t, you would have gotten rid of me a long time ago.”
I pushed against him, but he kept himself firm against me and grabbed my hand. He pressed my hand against his hard member and inhaled sharply. “This is all yours. All you have to do is say yes.”

“NO.” I got loud and shoved him off of me, moved to the door, but felt him grab me and slam me against the wall again. This time his whole forearm was against my chest, pinning me to the wall and he was more forceful on getting what he wanted through my head.

“You don’t get it. If you don’t become mine, worse things will come.”

“I doubt that. You’re the only one who has been in my head lately.”

“That’s because my brother has been…incapacitated.” He gave me a complacent smile.

“You’re a demon, how could you have a brother?”

“We’re all brothers and sisters in hell. Just like you’re all brothers and sisters of Adam and Eve.” He paused. “Besides, you made us that way.”

“I didn’t do shit.”

“Mmm, yes you did. We may not look alike, but we’re just as much as brothers as anyone else.”

“Cut the crap. What do you want?”

“You. I want all of you. I will not stop until you say yes.”

“I rather die than say yes to you.”

He grinned. “You can’t die. They won’t let you.”


“You’ll see soon enough. Until then, I’m going to give you a taste of what I will be like once you’ve come to your senses.”

His hand slid down my pants and my hand shot up to his chest and pushed hard. He wouldn’t let up and I could feel his hand rub my folds. “Please stop.” I tried to get him to listen.

“You know you want me. You think about me all of the time.” His longest fingers went right into me and moved around. I couldn’t control myself from getting wet, but I could control my thoughts.

“I will never say yes to you.”

“Yes, you will.” His face was now against the side of mine. “After all you’ll go through, you will choose me in the end. You can try to deny that I am what you truly want, truly need, and give in to this temptation.” He licked my face, then pulled his hand out and stepped back. “I give you at least four weeks and you’ll be begging me to come back.” He stuck his wet fingers into his mouth and slowly pulled them out. “Mmm… damn so good.” He turned and made his way to the window. “I’ll see you soon.”

And then he was gone.

Published by niki-emerson

I'm a 34-year-old, hard-working person. I'm not perfect and not striving to be. I want to be able to help everyone out as much as I can, even if I can only reach out to one person, it is enough to me. I've been writing since I was 12 and it has always been my hobby, my passion and I love sharing my creativity. Whether it's a whole novel or just a small piece that can get your imagination jump started.

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